Fasika: Destined for greatness


Even though Fasika Ayallew did not get The Voice Australia title, her supporters believe there are more chances for her hitting it big in Australia or overseas because of the Law student’s vocal power, charm and stage presence.

Earlier, Fasika’s coach, superstar Kelly Rowland expressed the 19-year-old Australian singer of Ethiopian-Filipino descent is destined for greatness. “I feel her in my gut. I genuinely think she’s special. She gets me excited about music,” Rowland told The Daily Telegraph. Rowland, in fact, has been calling record producers in America vouching for Fasika’s vocal powers. But win or lose, Fasika said she wanted to pursue her dream to go international.

Twenty-year old Judah Kelly won the title yet it triggered a deluge of comments on social media from fans expressing their disappointment. Some posted on Twitter: “Fasika should have won, best voice and stage presence. She is a star!”; “Australia, you have robbed many people over the years on singing shows, but Fasika missing out is the biggest travesty ever!”; “This really was me waiting for Sonia to have her Steve Harvey moment and call Fasika’s name, and “So…no offence to everyone else but Fasika definitely had the best voice.” The other story about the result carried this headline: “She was robbed’: Voice viewers rage as Fasika falls short”.

Fasika was more humble in accepting defeat when she congratulated Judah on her Instagram account.

YALL BETTER READ THIS ?: Words cannot express the high I am on right now. Last night was the best night of my life and I have never been so filled with joy and optimism for the future. Firstly, I’d like to say congratulations to @judah_kelly ?First time I met you in the knockouts, I told you that you would win this thing. I’m so happy for your success and you deserve ever last bit of the glory ???. To the rest of the top 12: it was a pleasure to work with you all and to be surrounded by such talented people ✨ Thank you to @thats_notmyname @rachaelrigg and the entire production team. I KNOW I was a headache for most of the journey with me being so unsure and I can only imagine how annoying I was to yall ? Thank you to the wardrobe hunties @behindtheseamsau @allthreeheathers @jesslinton_ @samcrossley.jpg ❤️❤️❤️ All of you are talented as fuck and your skills are witchcraft!!! To the HMU team @heidiscarlettkingmakeup @bynormie @pabsartist @rajja_makeupartist @darrensummors @kellybowmanmakeup all of y’all are bomb at what you do and I appreciate you guys always having my back with my big ass forehead ? To @___herstory___ and @cassidycreevey I love you two so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️Incredible women and I’m gonna miss you two so much. Thank you for everything. @janenegline you boss bitch I love you so much ❤️Thank you for always holding it down and hyping me up with every chance you got #queen To my ride or die down ass bottom bitch @nathan.allgood ?I love you hunty and we all know I wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you ❤️ Lastly to @kellyrowland ?❤️I’m afraid the respect and admiration I have for you interfered with how open and loving I was towards you in the beginning of our journey together. But I am so glad that I was able to become so close to you and build the friendship we have. I will always treasure every last bit of advice you gave me and never forget the feeling of being on stage with such a legend. You inspire me so much and I cannot tell you how indebted I am to your guidance and love. You beautiful woman!!!!!!!! Hope you’re enjoying the warmth back home ❤️ Australia misses your light ✨ #THELONGESTCAPTIONEVER #thevoiceau #teamkelly #top4 #grandfinale

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Fasika’s rendition of Tina Turner’s classic “Proud Mary” with Rowland was a standout for the season with fans tweeting she is already a superstar. “Fasika is a star, mark our words,” writes Genevieve Rota during her interview with Fasika for the Popstar website. Even if she wins the title or not, the writer said she is already a certified star.

Fasika, 19, lives in Sydney. Her father is from Ethiopia and her mother is from the Philippines.

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