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Fil-Aussie globetrotter releases debut travel anthology

Amid pandemic and lockdowns, this Filipino globetrotter takes you around the world with his debut travel anthology

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Galà chronicles the colorful adventures of 20 of the most well-traveled Filipinos

Acclaimed Filipino world traveler Donalito Bales Jr. is launching his first travel anthology book, featuring his adventures and that of the most illustrious Filipino globetrotters.

The 399-page book, “Galà: Adventures of the Most Well-Traveled Filipinos,” follows the journeys of 20 Filipino travelers who have already visited more than 100 countries and territories. More than their colorful stories, the book also gives a peek into the travelers’ bucket lists and shares expert advice for aspiring globetrotters. 

Written primarily amid the COVID-19 pandemic and while on lockdown, Bales said his most significant driving force in creating the book is to help accelerate the post-pandemic world travel trends and support the global travel industry, which the crisis has gravely struck. He also hopes to raise Filipino pride and inspire younger generations to discover more of the world in the process. 

“Together with my fellow Filipino travelers, we share our collective knowledge and experience in this book to nurture inspiration for the future generation of world travelers from all backgrounds. More so, we want this publication to serve as a vehicle in lending our voices to re-ignite the passion for traveling, especially after the pandemic,” said Bales. 

Staying true to his motivation, Bales is donating the book’s initial sales to the Philippine Global Explorers, a community of Filipino world travelers that aims to positively impact travel thought leadership, education, culture, and tourism and international relations. The community is co-founded by Bales, together with some people also featured in the book. It is being incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in the Philippines this September.  

“Galà: Adventures of the Most Well-traveled Filipinos” is available on Amazon starting September 1 and will be launched through online events in Melbourne, Australia, on September 18. You can pre-order your copy here.

About Donalito Bales Jr. 

Donalito Bales Jr. is a world traveler, leader, entrepreneur, project manager, and philanthropist. He was born in the Philippines and is based in Melbourne, Australia. He is the founder of social enterprise Explore Next Level and co-founder of the Philippine Global Explorers, a not-for-profit global community of Filipino world travelers. Since winning the national essay writing competition on migration organisaed by the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs Commission on Filipino overseas in 1997, Bales has come a long way in maturing his writing style. He has written project management articles for Medium and Seven Consulting. Galà is his first published book. 

About Galà: Adventures of the Most Well-Traveled Filipinos

What does it take to travel around the world? What surprises await you as you dream, discover and uncover your next great adventure? For the first time, this book explores the Filipino wanderlust from the perspective of twenty of the most well-traveled Filipinos. These travelers take you on their journeys around the world, sharing their colorful stories as well as their best travel tips and recommendations in a well-curated manner. It is as entertaining as much as it is informative. This travel book is like no other. This book will inspire you to re-ignite your love for travel during these unprecedented times.

About Philippine Global Explorers 

The Philippine Global Explorers is a community for Filipino travelers, explorers, and travel writers to meet and exchange information, news, and tips. Its network offers a support system for new globetrotters and veterans alike who may seek leads on domestic and international travels. This community fosters mutual value and respect for cultural understanding and education through travel. In line with this, the group strongly advocates responsible and sustainable travel that leaves destinations the way they are. Its mission is to bring together Filipino travelers supporting each other to travel the world and harness the collective knowledge and experiences to benefit the Philippines.


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