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Photo Gallery

Pako Festa 2017

Photos by Ben Young https://youtu.be/t_s0j4v1vVk Diversitat Pako Festa is the largest free celebration of cultural diversity in Australia! The Pako Festa 2017 along Pakington Street has gathered...

Celebrating the silver anniversary of St Albans Uniting Church

By N.Elaine A. Valenzuela-Jimenez “Go and make disciples of all nations!” The great commission. Go and make are acts of baptising wherein Jesus described the...

Makati City holds Caracol Festival 2017

Dressed in colourful and varying costumes, participants in the annual Caracol Festival parade around the streets of Makati to mark the annual celebrations held...

Boracay’s ‘Kastilyong Buhangin’

A local artist starts carving out a sand castle which over the years has become an added attraction in the world-famous Boracay. Some enterprising...

Baguio’s iconic lion head

With just 10 days before the month of March, summer they say is on the horizon. Though Baguio City's temperature dipped to a record...

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