Gutierrez is new Convenor of Filipino Broadcasting Group

New FBG Convenor Patricia Gutierrez
New FBG Convenor Patricia Gutierrez


The Filipino Broadcasting Group (FBG) of 92.3 FM 3ZZZ recently elected its new set of Committee Members for the next two years. Elected Convenor was Mrs. Patricia Gutierrez, Vice President (West) of the Ilonggo Association of Victoria. Gutierrez has served as Treasurer of FBG for the last two years and she has made history by becoming the first elected convenor of the group who is not a broadcaster.

Other elected committee members are Liz Honey (Deputy Convenor), Jing Sosa (Secretary), Elaine Soriano (Treasurer) and Jenny Dy Tiapco (Member). The committee is now composed of three broadcasters and two non-broadcasters.

“I am grateful and honoured to be selected for the position of Convenor.  I would like to thank the Filipino Broadcasting Group committee and all other broadcasters for putting their trust in me.  Since I am not a broadcaster, it gives me great challenge to learn this field and will try to continue the good work of our former convenor, Chito Javier,” Gutierrez told The Philippine Times.

Guitierrez, together with her Committee members, is now in-charge of all the Pinoy programs on 3ZZZ: three permanent and two temporary programs. The programs are: Wednesday 9-10 am: Hoy Pinoy Morning Edition (temporary); Wednesday 3-4 pm: Hoy Pinoy; Friday 7-8 am: Pinoy Gising Na; Friday 11 pm – 12 mn: Pinoy Night Sessions (temporary), and Sunday 11 pm – 12 mn: Pinoy Late Shift.

The Committee will also recruit new members and encourage existing members to renew their memberships to reach the required numbers of membership set by the station (40 members per show). It will also raise funds for the Annual 3ZZZ Radiothon during the last quarter of the year. “I invite the Filipino community to become an active participant and hope that they will continue their support for the projects and initiatives of the Broadcasting Group,” Gutierrez added.

Reunion of FBG

To celebrate the 25th year anniversary of FBG, the Committee’s first project is a reunion of FBG broadcasters, volunteers and friends which will be held on 19 October 2014 at L’Amour Receptions in St. Albans. Ticket is at $40 for adults and $33 for kids which includes a three-course meal and surprise guests. For information, please contact Patsy Gutierrez on 0412-889-134 or Liz HOney on 0412-191-577.

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