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Thursday, June 17, 2021

How to make your business flyers stand out

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In this bustling marketplace, it takes a lot of work to make your business stand out. With the colossal digital presence and booming digital age, most businesses focus on online marketing majorly. Rewind to the past; many offline marketing strategies have helped businesses leap high.

One such proven offline marketing tactic is creating business flyers. Flyer marketing is quite easy to do and relatively inexpensive. But when you make a flyer for your business, it has to stand out and should be a “keeper”. Regardless if you are designing it by yourself or reaching out to places that offer flyer printing services like islandprinting.com.au, you must have a single goal, visibility.

Here are some tips for creating effective business flyers that can stand out and grab all the attention.

Develop brief content

Flyers give you a limited area to write. When you consider the design elements and the buffer space, you will be left with a minimal area for the actual content. So don’t try to fit in a lot of information and overwhelm the reader. 

Write many drafts of content and dilute it down to the essential information in a concise way. Choose the flyer size with the content in mind. Don’t blindly choose one without considering the other. Places like islandprinting.com.au offer printing services in different sizes like A4, A5 and DL.

Brainstorm for a brilliant title

Once you have your content brief, it is now time to come up with a killer headline. Use minimum words to write a catchy, quirky and head-turning title. It is the first text that catches people’s eyes. It should engage them and push them to read the flyer to know more. 

Section the content

The way your text appears on the business flyer can affect the reader’s interest. People usually get distracted if there are long paragraphs of information and data. You can avoid this by dividing your content into sections without different headings.

Leave enough white space around each section. It is a design element which breaks down the information and keeps people engaged.

Use high-resolution graphics and photos

Like the title, the image you choose will be the focal point that draws in customers. You can choose one large image instead of small images for each section. A photo or illustration sets the flyer’s theme, creates a concept and supports the marketing goal for the business. 

Jagged and blurry images can destroy the readability. It can also make the readers compare low-quality images to unprofessional business service. So give them a good experience in the first look by using high-quality images. 

Talk about your service and product

Write content that will address the reader’s questions. When they read the flyer, they will think of what is in it for them. So, develop content from their perspective and use words like “your” and “you”. Keep the content short and to the point and research power words that will grab their attention.

Distribute your flyers in high traffic places where your target audience often comes by. Even if they get it and put it in their bag, if it is a killer flyer, there are chances of it turning into opportunities. It’s best to seek assistance from professionals like islandprinting.com.au to come up with an eye-catchy flyer for your business.

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