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Ryan Perdio

Lofty ambitions

By Ryan Perdio I’ve always imagined that by the time I reach my 30s that I’d be living in a crystal palace amongst the clouds...


By Ryan Perdio I attended a birthday party. Selena turned 21. At first her colleague, I became her friend. And not long after, I was...

Lapped it up

By Ryan Perdio It would have been funny if it weren’t so ludicrous. Derek and I met up for lunch at a quaint little cafe located...

First love

By Ryan Perdio Adam was my first love. We met online during our late teens. It was a simple ‘hi and hello’ but over several...

Double serve

QUEER LIFE By Ryan Perdio “Good luck with everything.” A relatively inoffensive phrase, it’s a great goodbye line one can use when in need to impart sentiments...

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