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May manghihilot sa Melbourne!

(….and she’s been doing it for 30 years now)

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Alice Nicolas
Alice Gregorio Nicolas is the publisher of The Philippine Times.

I was surprised recently to learn there’s a manghihilot in Melbourne so I quickly booked for a home service. We have a few Filipina “masahistas” (masseuse) around and they are pretty busy and it’s hard to get a booking. Plus choosing the “right one” is not easy, as just like other Pinoys, I always look for a good one. I become a “suki” if I get a mixture of these from my manghihilot: lessens my body and muscle pains, relaxes my body and my body gets relief from the manghihilot stroking the correct pressure points.

“Mine is Filipino hilot,” says Mirasol “Sol” Abuan. A veteran in the industry doing hilot (wellness massage) for the past 30 years. She told me that the massage we receive in shopping centres or generally in Australia is nothing compared to the actual Filipino hilot. Well, Filipinos can feel the difference because when you have your massage in shops they seem very light, just on the surface and sometimes you really could not feel you are “healed”. What do I mean by healed? Not really 100 percent healed because this is my first session after a few years and she was able to “break” the lumps that formed on my upper back when she was doing the soothing strokes. Manghihilot calls it “lamig” or sometimes from exposing oneself to stressful activities or simply spending so much time on the computer. Hence the back massage is indeed therapeutic for me.

Massage therapy is not for everyone. What is good to me might not be good to others. You know the feeling that the massage-rubbing-strokes are not that strong, too light or not finding the area points of pain. Sol combined massage and ventosa (using special cups to create suction and reduce my body pain and inflammation). Sol worked in Dubai, Qatar and the Philippines as a massage therapist so she really knows her craft well. In Australia, she studied Certificate in Whole Body Massage and currently works in a massage centre but does home visits as a sideline. Aside from traditional hilot and cupping, she also does combination Thai massage, Swedish massage and reflexology.

Manghihilot Melbourne

For a one-hour therapy, Sol detected the “congested” parts of my body and limbs. The “cracking” seemed to align properly my skeletal structure. It was painful sometimes due to the force but I can say it was mostly soothing and relaxing. All in all, I was relieved, refreshed, relaxed and recharged and will definitely book her service on a regular basis.

For bookings, text Sol Abuan on 0469 394 797.

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