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ISA-SIDELINE: Melbourne’s Filipino ‘Deep Clean’ COVID team

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ISA-SIDELINE is recognised as one of Melbourne’s COVID-19 clean up teams. This dedicated group includes several international students who have been saved from unemployment. Together they work and risk their health to help to protect the wider community against the spread of the coronavirus.

Gina Estocado

It all started in early 2019, Gina Estocado, a Filipino international student and entrepreneur from Philippines was looking for ways to earn a living here in Melbourne. She was able to connect with other Filipinos in Melbourne, and she soon realised that she could help other international students do the same thing. Gina began to train them, so they too could earn a living and not struggle while in Australia. She needed support and asked a friend, Jun Alaan to helped grow a team and assist more students. From there, the ‘Sideline Cleaning’ business was born!

The hardworking Isa-Sideline Cleaning team

Joining the fight against an invisible enemy

Mikhael Espiga – Co-director Isa-Sideline Cleaning
Jun Alaan – Codirector Isa-Sideline Cleaning

In late April this year during the first wave of the coronavirus in Melbourne, Jun Alaan and Mikhael Espiga partnered up together to conduct research and product development to take the business to the next level, with an aim to help the fight against COVID-19.

They met up and started planning their strategies and plans, and they completed research for all the requirements in disinfecting, standardised their processes, investigated the equipment needed to invest in, and conducted product testing for efficacy.

High pressure disinfecting equipment is utilised in cleaning jobs

Together, Michael and Jun formed ISA–Sideline! They have since been able to deliver great results, as even government bodies – Department of Health and Human Services and Worksafe Victoria have been recommending the business to companies for their ‘COVID-19 Clean Ups.’

“Businesses have been impressed by ISA-Sideline’s Standardised Operating Processes and results,” says Codirector Michael Espiga.

Isa-Sideline frontliners in full PPE, providing COVID ‘deep cleaning’ services to businesses

“We are truly proud as Filipino Australians being recognised as an IPC – Infection Prevention Control Team during this pandemic,” states Mr Espiga. ISA-Sideline has helped companies and residential homes around Melbourne get the ‘all clear’, providing confidence that their premises have been thoroughly disinfected.

High pressure disinfecting equipment is utilised

Michael Espiga states, “ISA-Sideline is here to help businesses, the community, while at the same time assisting individuals through training and employment through these difficult times.”

“It’s devastating to hear some of the real stories of unfair pay and experiences of long hours of work from the international students here in Melbourne”.

“ISA–Sideline is making that difference that by ensuring that the income generated from our End of Lease cleaning and property services will go back to the international students who are members of our team.”

Most of the income from End of Lease cleaning is provided to the students who complete the job.

Isa-Sideline caters for all Commercial, Residential and Industrial properties. 

Services provided by ISA-Sideline include:

  • Deep clean for IPC – Infection Prevention Control (COVID-19)
  • Daily sanitation and disinfection for commercial and industrial clients
  • Prevention control – weekly deep cleaning of factories, properties, and offices
  • Vehicle deep cleaning for COVID-19 – disinfection and fogging services
  • End of Lease and property maintenance services

For more information visit ISAsideline.com or call 0402 229 166

International students are given employment to support themselves financially through the pandemic

Testimonials from our team members:

The team of Myke, Jun and Gina are one of the best spearheads I have worked with. They started out small with big vision and goals, now they have made their way to the top of their game and made ISA-Sideline the number one choice by many. They have not only served clients but have given me and other international students hope through these trying times. I feel lucky to be led by people who are driven and have so much passion for work and compassion for others. – Justine Claire Eugenio

I would like to thank ISA-Sideline for the work opportunities they have provided, especially for us, international students. After working with them for several months, I have always found them to be professional, passionate, and ensuring client satisfaction is at the heart of their business. They provide consistently high standard of cleaning service. I highly recommend them to any potential client, as they always do what they say they are going to do. If you are looking for a trustworthy cleaning services ISA-Sideline is the one to call. Thank you, ISA-Sideline! – Jonah Marie Bayona

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