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A new Foundation, called Frontline Foundation Australia will be formally launched during a Fundraiser High Tea on 15 June 2014, 1.30pm at Melrose Melbourne Conference and Reception Centre, Melrose Drive, Tullamarine, Victoria. The Foundation is headed by its founder, Maria Teresa Abadilla who will serve as its Chief Executive Officer.
Frontline Foundation Australia is non-profit organisation which aims to help and empower the indigenous communities in the Philippines. It also plans to assist the deprived regions of different countries to seek innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing livelihood and development problems.

Tess Abadilla, Founder and CEO of Frontline Foundation
Tess Abadilla, Founder and CEO of Frontline Foundation

Empowering the local residents
“Our goal is to empower and increase income capacity of the locals by running community-led development projects”, said Abadilla who has experienced what it was like living in a depressed community during one of her missionary trips to the Badjao community then situated in Malitam Dos, Batangas City. “The current efforts to fight hunger and reach the poorest of the poor is one thing, to equip these communities with the knowledge and resources so they would become self-sustaining, self-directing, and free from the cycle of poverty is another. Our goal is to see limitations removed off people’s lives so they may reach their potential. The bi-product of transformed people are transformed communities.”

Current projects
Frontline Foundation’s current projects include livelihood development projects for the Badjao community in Batangas City, Philippines, wherein a start-up capital for the buy-and-sell business is aimed to provide income to the families and help them rise above poverty.
Apart from the pilot project in Batangas, future projects are lined up for the holistic development of a number of communities in the Philippines and eventually be extended to South America (Peru), Africa (Uganda) and regions of the world that need support. The organisation will do this by running community-led and designed development projects which will focus on tapping existing local resources and inculcate initiative among the locals to promote ownership of the projects.

Foundation’s vision
Frontline Foundation Australia is guided by the belief that every life has equal value, and there are generous involved parties (individuals and organisations) whose goal is to find and help those who are in need. In developing countries, it focuses on uplifting people’s mindset and providing them the opportunity to break away from hunger and dire poverty.

Based in Melbourne, the Foundation is also led by Projects Head, Jeanette Moody, with Frontline Social Services (Philippines) Executive Director, Larry Sto. Domingo and Operations Manager, Tess Santiago.

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