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Of festivity and next year’s uncertainty

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The year 2020 has proven itself to be a difficult year for us Australians, mostly with the ongoing pandemic and its repercussions. Despite the fears and the shake-ups, it is still a year of good times, especially to the Christians in our midst. Well, because it is the season of festivity for the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ—otherwise known as Christmas.

While for many of us the event is but just a temporary relief to an otherwise pressing problem, Christmas still makes for a stark reminder that there is light in the dark. Which, if taken literally, would be about the bright and shiny lights that illuminate and flicker at each home and many places of significance at night time—by itself a joy to the young and even the young at heart.

Of course, therein also comes the metaphor that insinuates the idea that in spite of all the troubles the world may throw at us, there is still a time in our calendar year where joy triumphs above all else, albeit in the meantime. Regardless of how difficult the impact of the troubles of this year was to us, we all deserve a bit of a break from all the inconveniences. 

Indeed, 2020 has been a time of distress for many, which can be attributed as one of humanity’s worse at any given time throughout its years-long history. Yet, despite that, we prevail, which only shows our resiliency and strong will to survive. 

Although our children would attribute the season as more about presents than the spiritual nature it represents, let us not spoil the occasion by withholding what we can give to our loved ones or to the ones we care about. All the while not necessarily going to the extent of breaking the bank. As cliché as it may sound like, in the end, it is always the thought that counts in gift-giving. However, more importantly, it is worth reminding our brethren what the festivity is truly all about.

Amidst the wonderful message the occasion brings, let us also acknowledge the fact that not everyone may share the same understanding as us. Even with our commonality with everybody else, some of us are borne to different religious beliefs that hamper the apprehension of what Christmas is. Despite this, wish everyone their happiness just the same.

With all the merriment, most of us would wish that Christmas would last beyond the day of its jubilation. Well, the event does not necessarily end after the day of its traditional celebration as it can go beyond that—anyone can literally make every day “Christmas” by living up to its spiritual call as pious, and it does not necessarily have to involve gifts and feasting. 

Whether we acknowledge Christmas to be an everyday affair or not, one thing remains true to all of us—time passes, which makes the upcoming year an inevitable aspect of our lives.

While nobody can tell for sure what the year 2021 would bring—whether it would fix the problems caused in 2020 or make it worse—our consolidated desire to go on with our lives is an ever-powerful force that lets us surmount any challenges. It pays to be hopeful, but let us also be realistic enough to admit that some changes that have taken place can no longer be reversed. Therefore, the best we can do moving forward is to make the best of everything—like we usually do—and make it better for everyone whenever possible.

Originally published in The Philippine Times, December 2020 edition

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Find your light and shine

Jilliean Sioson is a film and TV student from Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia. She is currently writing and producing...

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