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Friday , 27 May 2022
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Charlie Bulos

Current times

I have to deviate a little from my usual routine or article which I have to do because of the current time which seems...

When an application for unfair dismissal is considered valid or not

This has become a contentious issue in the case of Sarah Bonnar v Rail Industry Safety & Standard Board (U2017/119776) Sydney 24 April 2018. Facts On...

The general protection application

This topic can be informative to those who are in the workplace with less than the required minimum period of employment for regular or...

When is a person protected from unfair dismissal?

There are issues to think about when the person is employed and suddenly he or she is unfairly dismissed from employment for one reason...

Why do cases fail?

This is about why we suffer so much disappointment when matters before the Court or before the Tribunal or even application brought for decision...

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