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Asther Bascuña Creo

Listening to the voice of second-generation migrant Pinoys

By Sanghaya Creo A key chapter in many Filipinos’ lives is the migration story. It’s a story that belongs not only to immigrants but to...

Elaine Yago: A student far away from home

Elaine Yago, 26 years old, sat across from me at the food court and shared her story as an international student in Melbourne. A...

Merlinda Bobis: Writing about the Philippines – heart, soul, and body

Merlinda Bobis is a prominent Australian author originally from the Philippines.  With four novels and six poetry books, she launched a new book in...

From IT to entrepreneurship

For this edition of #PinoysDownUnder, we talked to ANTHONY HERRERA, owner of New Life Cycles Bike Shop and Enelssie Café and Grill.  At only 36...

Telling stories

Filipinos account for the fifth largest ethnic group here in Australia. So it’s inevitable to bump into a kababayan anywhere you go. During my...

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