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Tuesday , 26 October 2021
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Johanna Nonato

Visa tips for mothers

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this May, let us appreciate all the efforts and hard work that our mums have gone through in raising...

Who has the power to cancel a visa?

This seems to be a simple question to answer as it is only the Department of Home Affairs who has the power to cancel...

Migration lingo made simple

When applying for visas, applicants encounter words or phrases that they have never seen before or might struggle understanding. This article intends to provide...

Useful strategies in achieving your Australian visa objectives in 2021

The year 2020 was filled with challenges and affected us in different ways.  Some have had to put their Australian dream on hold, but...

Couples trying to be reunited during this pandemic

It is the love month once again, and this year’s Valentine’s Day celebration can be very different for most couples. The COVID-19 pandemic has...

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