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Wednesday , 1 December 2021
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Asther Bascuña Creo

Pivoting back from a global pandemic

As I am writing this, I am sitting here in the quiet space of the kitchen. The birds have not yet begun to make...

Finding the sacred in isolation

I am writing this towards my tenth week in isolation, brought on by the coronavirus. This amount of time varies for many of us,...

Thoughts in isolation

Is it really true we are approaching our seventh week in isolation? From a crisis that created so much concern about global health and...

To be Small is to be Radical

By Asther Bascuna Creo For those who know me or even those who have the misfortune to follow me on social media, you would be familiar with...

Being enough

By Asther Bascuna Creo Just recently the world was shocked to learn of the death of two celebrities Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. One, an...

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