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Over 300,000 Victorian Students Embark on Annual NAPLAN Testing

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In an annual academic exercise that has become a key benchmark for educational achievement across Australia, more than 300,000 students from 2,350 schools in Victoria are set to take the NAPLAN tests starting today.

The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) is designed to evaluate students’ progress in Years 3, 5, 7, and 9, providing valuable insights into individual and collective educational achievements nationally.

Ben Carroll, the Minister for Education, extended his best wishes to the participants, emphasising the significance of the assessments in understanding students’ educational trajectories.

“Today marks an exciting day for students across the state and I wish each and every one of them the best of luck as they take on this year’s NAPLAN tests,” Carroll said, reflecting the government’s support and optimism for the student body undertaking the assessments.

Victoria’s students have historically performed well in NAPLAN, with the 2023 results indicating the state’s strong position in national rankings—achieving first or second in 16 out of 20 categories. This performance is attributed to the efforts of students, teachers, and investments in the educational sector.

Minister for Education Ben Carroll expressed his confidence in the ongoing success of Victorian students in NAPLAN, acknowledging the combined efforts of students, teachers, support staff, and families in supporting the educational journey.

In an effort to further enhance the utility and impact of the NAPLAN assessments, the Victorian government implemented significant changes to the program last year. By advancing the timing of the tests, the revised structure aims to offer earlier insights into students’ academic standing, allowing for more timely interventions and support.

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Adopting new proficiency standards, which replaced the older national benchmarks, now offers a more nuanced understanding of student achievements through categories such as exceeding, strong, developing, and needs additional support.

These changes are part of a broader strategy by the Victorian Government to bolster student learning and wellbeing, with almost $740 million invested since 2021 to employ thousands of tutors in government and non-government schools. This initiative is designed to support students in reaching their full academic potential while enhancing their social skills.

Carroll reinforced the importance of the revised NAPLAN structure in aiding educational stakeholders. “The changes we introduced last year to NAPLAN reporting and timing will provide critical information for schools, parents, and carers to see how each child is tracking and how they can be best supported,” he asserted.

As the tests commence, the focus remains on ensuring that every Victorian student has the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, with the collective goal of sustaining and surpassing the high standards set in previous years.

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