Peaceful turnover of power good for Philippine democracy

Arroyo departure honours

Arroyo departure honoursManila (30 June) — The peaceful turn-over of power from the Arroyo Administration to the Aquino Administration at noon of June 30, makes every Filipino proud of his country.

The two Presidents were very cordial with each other and even graciously had photo ops with the media hands joined together in a handshake at the landing of the stairs used by President Arroyo in going down.
As scheduled, President PNoy and President Arroyo took the same car in going to the Quirino Grandstand for the oath taking.

The crowd showed how educated and cordial they are giving applause as President Arroyo and President Aquino went down the car for the military to give the last military honors to President Arroyo.

It was heartwarming to note that President Aquino accompanied President Arroyo to her waiting car that would take her to her constituents in Pampanga.

The gesture of the five members of the Cabinet of President Arroyo, staying at her side until the end, cannot pass unnoticed by the televiewers whose eyes were glued to their television sets afraid to miss a dot in the important event in the history of the country.

Vice President Noli de Castro, Executive Secretary Leandro Mendoza, Finance Secretary Gary Teves, Justice Secretary Agra and DPWH Secretary Victor Domingo were with the President at Malacañang.

Thousands of Filipinos, young and old, rich and poor, were at the Quirino Grandstand braving the scorching heat of the sun and the threat of rains, to witness the oath taking of President Aquino and Vice President Binay.

This is a manifestation of their interest in the affairs of the country. It is hoped that the Filipino people will sustain this interest to monitor and to give whatever they could share to make the Aquino leadership fulfill the vision of a better tomorrow for all Filipinos to share.

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