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New P-pop group BGYO aims high with release of new single “The Light”

BGYO’s “The Light” tackles empowerment, hope, and self-love.

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Who has not heard or doesn’t know what K-pop is? K-pop or Korean Popular Music has gone mainstream with boy group BTS leading the Billboard charts. Now it’s the Philippines’ turn with new groups paving the way for P-pop.

Formerly known as Star Hunt Academy Boys: Akira, JL, Mikki, Nate and their leader Gelo were formally launched as BGYO on 29 January and on the same night they premiered their debut single entitled “The Light”.  This song is about empowerment and believing in yourself – finding the light within; a positive message that they wish to share for today’s youth.

A combination of talent and discipline, BGYO was a product of hard work. They shared that a normal day would be waking up at 7am to prepare for their 8am dance practice. The group has undergone intensive training in singing, dancing, performing arts, personality development and acting. And most importantly, they still make time to get their education through online classes. 

With millenials moving on to YouTube as their main entertainment/video source, BGYO is slowly getting recognised internationally. Just recently they’ve hit 1M views and have a number of vloggers from the Philippines and overseas posting (positive) reaction videos to their single. 

But of course not every journey is easy; along with the people cheering them on are those intent on putting them down. Gelo said that they don’t let themselves be bothered with negative comments, but instead use them to know which parts they need to improve on.

Three years from now the boys see themselves being recognised internationally and probably starting their world tour on either the Wembley Stadium or Rose Bowl. BGYO wish that they could inspire other people to be confident in achieving their dreams and spread more awareness about P-pop and their music. They also hope to have more success individually and as a group.

The boys of BGYO are humble yet confident and very talented. I suggest that you watch their videos to see it for yourselves. I quickly became a fan after seeing their performances online. They are deserving of our support, not only because they’re our kababayan but also because they really are worthy of it. So spread the word and choose your bias (favourite), which might not be that easy. (And yes that is me trying really hard to be a millennial).

While we wait for their next single and (for this Pandemic, to be over so they can visit us in Australia) you can follow BGYO via their social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok.

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