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RP authorities apprehend man accused of molestation in Australia

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The authorities in the Philippines was recently able to track down and apprehend a man accused of child molestation in the Australia.

A news article published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that the Philippines’ National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) was able to collar the suspect, Gary Zabat Guban, in Quezon City.

The entrapment operation was made by NBI agents who posed as clients for a printing business that Guban runs in Quezon City.

Sherri Papini Arrested
Sherri Papini Arrested

The arrest last week was made on the basis of a request for his extradition made by the Australian authorities, a case heard by a Manila Regional Trial Court. No bail was recommended.

NBI Interpol Division chief Claro de Castro Jr. revealed that Guban is currently facing charges in Australian’s court of the Justice of the Peace in New South Wales for allegedly violating the Crimes Act of 1900.

The suspect is accused of cases of child molestation including four counts of sexual intercourse with a child between 10 and 16 years old, one count of aggravated indecent assault on a child under 10 years old, and one count of aggravated incident of assault on a child under 16 years old.

The case in the Australian court is based on records that the victim is the cousin of Guban, who had sexual intercourse with the victim on May 17, 1998. The incident, which was reported to the police the following day, happened while the victim was living with the suspect’s family in New South Wales (which spanned the months of November 1997 to May 1998). An arrest by the New South Wales police was made three days after the incident.

Guban, during the interrogation, confirmed that he had sex with the victim but that the incident was consensual. The victim, however, said that Guban had been molesting her since she was 7 years until she was 12.

The report in the Philippine Daily Inquirer also cited records from the Children’s Hospital in New South Wales, Australia which issued a report that the victim even contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

It further related that the respondent was bailed out on condition to appear at Penrith Local Court on June 28, 1998. His passport was seized as a condition of his bail
New South Wales authorities also notified the Department of Immigration of the respondent’s arrest and advised the agency that Guban had illegally entered Australia under the name of Ariston Zabat.

On August 27, 1998, the respondent was taken in custody by immigration officials for using the name Ariston Zabat and was subsequently deported to the Philippines on Oct. 28, 1998, without the knowledge of the New South Wales Police. As a result, he failed to attend the court hearings in Australia.

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