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Friday, October 23, 2020

Man from Philippines repatriation flight caught escaping quarantine at Crowne Plaza

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Jason Cordi
Jason Cordi
Editor-in-Chief, The Philippine Times

A man staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Melbourne made an attempt on Monday afternoon to escape from his 14-day mandatory hotel quarantine.

The Age reports the man was swiftly collared by police and fined at about 5pm on Monday.

The man had arrived from the Philippines on Sunday morning, along with over 350 other passengers. According to the Crowne Plaza staff, only guests from the Philippines are currently staying at the 4.5 star riverfront hotel.

Victoria Police have not provided a comment on the arrest.

According to The Age, “39 guards are permanently rostered on at the hotel on Spencer Street to ensure people returning from overseas remain in strict quarantine for 14-days”.

Guests that have arrived from the Philippines confirm that three security guards are based on each floor. Swipe cards are required to operate the lifts, and guests cannot leave their rooms.

According to The Age, other guards are posted at two fire escapes, while another guard patrols the hotel lobby, while an authorised DHHS officer is also on site at all times, along with medical staff. Security industry sources have blamed this incident on a decision to change security firms last Friday, which was made made by the department to reduce costs.

Crowne Plaza has provided accommodation for 363 people returning to Melbourne from the Philippines.

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Melbourne | Photo credit: Architecture & Design

Guests are aware that they can request to go outside for fresh air for a maximum of ten minutes, while escorted by two security officers to the gated basement level.

The guests will be assessed on May 1, and are scheduled to be released at 12 midnight on May 3.

Guests can join a list for 10 minutes of fresh air while in hotel quarantine.| Photo credit: Maevelyn Caampued

Mandatory hotel quarantine for inbound flights from overseas was introduced by the Morrison government on March 29 to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Feature photo: Paul Rovere

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