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Victoria Sets Pace with Early Launch of Transformative Metro Tunnel Project

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The Victorian government is on the fast track with its Metro Tunnel project. It aims to debut the state’s first turn-up-and-go train services by 2025, a year ahead of the original plan.

This initiative is part of the Victorian government’s broader vision to elevate Melbourne’s train network to global standards.

Premier Jacinta Allan, together with Transport Infrastructure Minister Danny Pearson, highlighted the progress during a visit to the State Library station, a key site within the Metro Tunnel project. Allan affirmed the government’s dedication to delivering the project ahead of schedule.

“We promised Victorians we’d get on with building the Metro Tunnel – and that’s exactly what we’re doing, a whole year ahead of schedule,” Allan said.

She further emphasised the advancements in the testing phase.

“Test trains are now running on new signalling tech, and we’re getting ready to deliver turn-up-and-go transport services that will change the way our city moves forever,” the Premier said.

Minister Pearson also expressed enthusiasm about the developments at the State Library Station. “We’re making huge progress at State Library Station, which will become a new gateway for passengers to interchange between Metro Tunnel and City Loop services,” Pearson stated. His remark underscores the significance of this station in facilitating smoother transitions for commuters across Melbourne’s expanding rail network.

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The project’s testing phase has been marked by significant achievements, including successful trials with test trains running at intervals as short as two minutes using the new high-capacity signalling technology. This advancement is expected to revolutionize the reliability and efficiency of the city’s train services.

Construction at the State Library Station has been monumental, with the site being excavated to about 40 metres below ground, employing 600 workers. The station is designed to accommodate 26,000 daily users and will feature a grand entrance alongside architectural marvels such as cathedral-like arched ceilings at the platform level. It also promises enhanced connectivity with 27 escalators, 19 lifts, and a direct underground walkway to Melbourne Central Station, emphasizing the government’s commitment to accessible and efficient urban transport.

By connecting key lines through a new tunnel under the city, the Metro Tunnel project will not only relieve congestion in the City Loop but also enable more frequent and reliable train services.

Watch an update on State Library Station taken 5 months ago

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