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Victoria University to Deliver More Scholarships to Students in Melbourne’s West

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The Victorian Government has teamed up with Victoria University to extend additional scholarship opportunities to students in the western suburbs of Melbourne, aiming to cultivate leadership among young individuals in the area.

Ben Carroll, the Minister for Education, revealed the government’s commitment of $100,000 to the Western Chances Links Program for the next two years, a move aimed at supporting the development of future leaders in Melbourne.

The program, a collaborative effort between Western Chances and Victoria University, offers merit-based scholarships to financially challenged youths in Melbourne’s west. It recognises their talent and commitment through nominations from educators and community members.

In addition to financial support, the program enriches scholarship recipients with various free educational, personal, and professional development opportunities.

The Western Chances Links Program, which annually distributes 200 scholarships across 32 government schools, will expand its reach with the new funding.

Since 2006, Victoria University has been working with Western Chances to promote educational access and equity, demonstrating a longstanding commitment to these values.

“Western Chances sends a powerful message to young people that the sky is their limit – encouraging them to take up leadership positions and develop their skills to represent and advocate for their communities,” Minister Carroll said.

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“We’re proud to support Western Chances for another two years as they undertake their important work to develop young leaders in the West,” he added.

Professor Adam Shoemaker, Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University, spoke on the enhancements at the Footscray Nicholson Campus.

“This expansion will enable Western Chances staff, students, and volunteers to really elevate their support of young people in the west of Melbourne,” Shoemaker said.

“VU is famous for providing the highest quality of equitable opportunities for all. We are delighted to continue this proud tradition with Western Chances now, tomorrow, and into the future,” Shoemaker added.

Terry Bracks AM, Founder and Chair of Western Chances, emphasized the alliance’s role in forging new paths for youth in the area.

“Through this Major Alliance, we are poised to create new opportunities for our young people and pave the way for increased access to education, skills, learning pathways, and employment,” said Bracks.

He highlighted the partnership’s foundation in a strong belief in the transformative power of education and a deep affection for Melbourne’s western suburbs.

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