Nora Aunor’s cousin weighs in on the Superstar’s situation


With Nora Aunor’s surgical procedure that reportedly damaged her vocal cords still a hot topic among showbiz followers, TV5’s “Paparazzi” did a special report on the Superstar’s controversial situation in the episode that aired on May 30.

The Superstar’s cousin, Lala Aunor, was on hand to shed some light about the circumstances surrounding Nora Aunor, since the latter still presumably could not clarify the matters herself yet.

Host Cristy Fermin brought up several issues that La Aunor had to explain, beginning with Fermin asking, “Ang sabi kasi sa kwento, na-comatose siya dun (Japan) dahil dun sa pagpapa-facelift niya. Eh kayong dalawa ni Ate Guy mo ang laging nag-uusap. Ano ba ang tunay na problema?”

With much caution, Lala Aunor replied, “Actually kinakausap ko si Ate Guy sa telephone… kasi medyo komplikadong sitwasyon… napaka-delikado kasing pag-usapan sa ngayon.”

This response echoes a prior statement given by Nora Aunor herself, which she has given “TV Patrol World” on May 25, referring to the delicate position they are in. Their refusal to answer in detail is understandable if Aunor’s camp is indeed planning or in the process of filing a case as a result of the reported medical procedure gone wrong

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