107th Death Anniversary of Apolinario Mabini


Apolinario Mabini, the Sublime Paralytic, was one of the pillars of the Philippine Revolution. He came to be known as the Legendary Defender of Philippine Freedom, Immortal Patriot, the Mirabeau, Robespierre, and Mazzini of the Philippines.

A Superior Spirit sent by God to redeem the Filipino people from their enslavement. Notwithstanding his disability due to polio, Mabini served as the first Prime Minister and Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the first Philippine Republic (January 23, 1899-March 23, 1902).

He wrote the Constitution of the First Republic as well as the many decrees and orders issued by President Emilio Aguinaldo. His intellectual exchanges with William H. Taft, Civil Governor of the Philippines and later President of the United States, exposed the bankruptcy of American imperialist designs over the Philippines and the moral superiority of the Filipino libertarian struggle. His article “El Simil de Alejandro,” published in a newspaper in Manila, irked Taft who had Mabini deported to Guam. Offered a very high position in the American colonial government in the country, Mabini refused, saying that he served only his own country.

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