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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

An open letter from Fr Loi over tragic accident of Filipino tourist

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An open letter by Fr Loi to appeal for help on behalf of a Filipina tourist who was killed by a train in Werribee, Victoria:

Hello everyone,

Peace be with you!

I am sending this email inviting and knocking your generous hearts to this appeal.

Most of you have probably heard the tragic accident that happened at Werribee last Friday evening (around 6pm). A Filipina, Eden Legaspina Dinopol, was hit by the train and died on the spot. She was with her daughter-in-law in a car and they were hit by the train. Her daughter-in-law is stable now in the hospital.

What is even more tragic was that Eden arrived here in Melbourne on the 19th May as a tourist for holidays and she died on the 25th May (Friday).

I have spoken to the family last Sunday after the Filipino Mass at St. Peter’s, Hoppers Crossing. Their plan is to send her body back to the Philippines. However, the cost is too much for them.

It is for this reason that I am appealing to you again my Kababayans. Let us help this family in this most difficult time. The Sendong Appeal last December was truly a spirit of unity and solidarity of the Filipino Community of Melbourne. I am asking you again to bring back that spirit and let’s be united again once more in expressing our solidarity, unity and generosity to this family.

I have to be honest with you about the approximate amount that is needed is no less than 15 thousand dollars. We don’t have time to do a fundraising for this because the body will probably be sent to the Philippines (to Davao) this week.

The Consul, Virginia Kalong, and myself have been working together to find ways and means to help this family. And so I suggest to all groups, families, and individuals to make a special collection/donation and deposit to the Chaplaincy account. Please make sure that you put the reference DINOPOL FAMILY so that it will be easy for me to do the accounting.

To our Pinoy Parish Priests and Religious Sisters here in Melbourne, I hope that you can also find initiatives in helping this family in your parishes and communities. I do suggest to all that any amount you collected should be put to the Chaplaincy account so that we can have a clear consolidated amount, in which I believe, is an expression of our unity and generosity as one.

Bank details:

Acct. Name: Filipino Pastoral Council of Melbourne
Bank: Bendigo Bank
BSB: 633000
Acct. #: 122096712
Reference: Dinopol Family
(please keep your receipt for your own records)

Again, please don’t forget the reference. I would appreciate if you can email to me the amount and other necessary informations after you deposit the money so that I can have the records for reporting and transparency purposes.

I thank you all and God bless you.

In Migrant Christ,
Fr. Loi, cs

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