Coin bank drive adds to relief kitty


The tin donation cans which you normally see in Filipino shops and events have generated $1,500. “This money went to the victims of Typhoon Pablo in Davao,” according to Roy Carbungco, President of the Emergency Relief Fund for Philippines (ERFFP). Last February 2013, ERFFP was able to fund the medical mission and the relief operations in the Philippines. All in all, the group donated $4,000 to those affected by calamities in the Philippines.

“We asked the Filipino shops and explained to them our aim and objectives. We will continue to put cans not only in shops but also in various functions and ask our friends and relatives to help us,” Carbungco told The Philippine Times. To thank the Filipino shops, ERFFP has been awarding Certificate of Appreciation to them stating the amount collected from their store.

Carbungco is asking the Filipino community to continue to help in whatever they can as ERFFP is the central body helping our kababayans in the Philippines in time of calamities. “Those coin donations will help our kababayans in their recovery during and after the effect of floods. We are now working to provide our volunteer rescuers with life boats and life vests to save lives during floods in the coastal areas of Pampanga. For the past three months, our volunteers have been doing extensive training conducted by the Philippine Army 18th Special Forces and they are expected to complete their training next month. This is in cooperation with the Rotary Club of San Juan West District 3800. We cannot achieve these objectives without funding,” he said.

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