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Evaluations to make when choosing an SEO company

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is not easy for the inexperienced, especially with the ever-changing Google algorithms. That is why many people prefer to enlist the help of an SEO company for all their SEO needs. Consider these critical aspects if you intend to use an SEO company to handle your SEO.

SEO knowledge and expertise

When looking for an SEO company, you want to ensure that the team you engage has extensive SEO knowledge and expertise. Ideally, you are better of with a company that focuses on perfecting a few aspects of SEO than one that claims to be a jack of all trades in digital marketing. 

Most importantly, avoid companies that make claims or exaggerations about their history of success. The company you hire should have an impressive record of boosting search engine ranking for their clients and increasing organic search traffic.


One of the aspects to evaluate when hiring an SEO company in Perth are the reviews. What do clients say about the company? Take your time to read the reviews on the company’s website and other review platforms before hiring. 

A well-established SEO company should have an influx of favorable reviews and at least a 4.5-star rating. Avoid companies that only have a flood of positive reviews within a short period, as that may indicate something fishy.

Cost of service

Can the SEO company tailor its service to your budget? There is no one-size-fits-all for SEO, and a good company should be able to tailor its service to your specific SEO need. It can be alluring to get the cheapest SEO service, but it is never a good idea. 

You want to ensure that you are not compromising on the quality of service. Your ideal SEO company is one whose service aligns with your SEO goals.

Tools of trade

Does your prospective SEO company have and utilize the right tools of the trade? In search engine optimization, the professionals should have extensive knowledge and experience using tools like google analytics, google search console, etc., to conduct keyword research, audits, and tests. 

The company should be able to explain its processes for monitoring rankings and conducting competitor analysis. Most importantly, they should be able to explain why they use specific tools and the success they have experienced using them.

Customer service

SEO takes time, so you enter into a long-term partnership with the SEO company you hire. Therefore customer service matters a lot. Ensure you can seamlessly communicate with the company representatives and enquire how you will get regular updates regarding your SEO standing. A company that schedules time for updates and discussions regarding your SEO progress is reliable.

Comand of social media

Social media is inevitable in the modern world and has proven effective in promoting businesses. A reliable SEO company should know the best ways your business can use these platforms to grow and thrive. Advertising and sharing content on different social media platforms go a long way in reaching new customers.

The takeaway

Steer clear of SEO companies that promise results overnight. SEO is long-term, and it may take more than six months to start seeing actual results.


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