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Five qualities of a good solicitor

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The number of solicitors in Australia has increased by 45%. In 2011, there were about 50,000 solicitors in the country’s population, which have now grown to approximately 85,000. Over the years, people have required more legal help than they used to in the past. And youngsters see potential in law, and therefore decide to build their careers in this sector. 

You’ll find thousands of solicitors in Sydney; because of that, it is common to hire them now. But still, there is a vast population who thinks it is unnecessary to involve a solicitor in legal matters. Well, it depends on individual choice. However, a solicitor can be an excellent legal guide for you. So if you want to discover what a good solicitor is all about, stay and read this article. 

Who is a solicitor?

A legal professional who has completed their degree in LLB and is qualified to give legal advice and prepare legal documents on behalf of their clients is called a solicitor. A solicitor in Australia can assist in making contracts, wills, advise on corporate legal matters, support small businesses and represent clients in court. 

What are the duties of a solicitor?

A solicitor can probably do most of the things that you require in your day-to-day life. Following are the job responsibilities and duties of a solicitor: 

  • Prepare documents to finalize deals
  • Completing documentation for buying or selling properties
  • Helping small scale businesses to prepare legal guidelines and terms and conditions of the company
  • Resolving disputes within and outside the court
  • Negotiate on behalf of the client
  • Attending meetings to understand and discuss legal matters
  • Be lawful and honest to their practice at all times
  • Must not be biased to any part
  • Never mislead the court 

The solicitor always has to keep their clients’ interests at the top. The relationship between a client and a solicitor is based on trust. The client puts their faith in the solicitor to abide by their responsibilities and give them a solution. 

With thousands of solicitors in Sydney, it can be overwhelming for you to pick one good lawyer. So, below you have a list of things that make a good solicitor. If you want to hire them, you should probably scroll down and read them carefully. 

Top 5 qualities of a good lawyer

1. Strong communication skill

A good lawyer must be confident and optimistic in their communication. They must make the client feel comfortable so that they can openly talk about their legal matters. No client will choose to have a lawyer that they can’t trust. The lawyer must not be overconfident in their approach but should have a solid voice to gain a client’s trust. A lawyer must have strong written and verbal skills as they present the case in court and write legal documents. 

2. Have good research and analytical skill 

Studying law is not easy, and neither is implementing it. There is a lot of information that a lawyer must keep themselves updated with. Every few years, laws change, and new rules get implemented. Every time they will have different circumstances in front of them. To understand a legal matter in-depth, a lawyer needs to have good research skills and analytical skills to measure the outcomes of a potential case. 

3. Skills to understand people

More than understanding law, a good solicitor should know how to adjust and work with people. In a lawyer’s career, they come across people with weird expectations, temperaments, and needs. Every client is not the same, and therefore when a lawyer meets clients, they must have the skill to study people and act accordingly. If a lawyer fails to make a fair first impression, they don’t stand a chance to get hired. 

4. Creative skill

A lawyer must know his laws well. But apart from being good at logical reasoning, analysis and research, the solicitor should also have creative skills to think beyond one’s imagination. For instance, if a lawyer has to find out who the real culprit is, they will have to imagine various circumstances and discover a conclusion. 

5. Have an awareness of all local spots and connection

To dig out confidential information, a lawyer needs to be aware of local detectives and agencies where they can dig out information. In business scandals, criminal cases, and property-related issues, the lawyer must have good connections in the local Sydney market. 

So, these were the top five qualities that you must look for in a good solicitor. If you do your proper research, you’ll find a decent lawyer, and you will have no trouble dealing with legal matters in the future.


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