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Get featured in ‘101 Victorians’ as part of Australia’s largest photography event

101 Victorians – could you be one of them?

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Victorians from all backgrounds are invited to take part in a new photographic series, 101 Victorians, which the Metro Tunnel Creative Program will exhibit online from 29 April to 22 May, 2022 as part of PHOTO 2022, Australia’s biggest photography event. 

Submissions are open to Victorian residents of all ages.

The project is inspired by award-winning British artist Jenny Lewis and her evocative One Hundred Years project, which features an intimate collection of portraits and stories from Hackney residents in East London, covering every age from birth to 100 in chronological order. Paired with revealing quotes from all of her subjects, the thoughtful images reveal life’s universal moments – the joys, adversities, challenges and beauty of her community as they reflect on their lives so far.

In a similar style and with Lewis’ permission, 101 Victorians will be a vibrant snapshot of people from ages 0 to 100 from all across Victoria. 

101 Victorians will be exhibited concurrently with One Hundred Years at PHOTO 2022. Both projects will honour the festival’s central theme ‘Being Human’, 101 Victorians intends on shining a spotlight on the many faces and stories that make up our local community.

The project is accepting submissions from Victorian residents of any age, with no photographic training or experience required – a mobile phone photo will do!

You might choose to photograph a family member, old friend, colleague or neighbour – someone who will feel comfortable being photographed and sharing a few words about their life. The person you choose need not be famous nor successful. As Jenny Lewis has said: “I’ve always thought the ordinary is pretty extraordinary.”

“Victoria has an incredibly diverse population,” Metro Tunnel Creative Program Engagement Manager Sarah Robins said.

“Almost half of our community was born overseas or one or more of their parents were born overseas.

“We were inspired by Jenny Lewis’ project to take a look at this extraordinary make-up of our community”

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Participants can nominate their subject’s age, from 0 to 100, and submit a corresponding photo portrait and quote from their subject at 101victorians.com.au.  

Submission opportunities are limited, as there will only be one photo entry allocated per age. 

Deadline for submission of entries is Monday 7 February 2022.

To learn more about the Metro Tunnel Creative Program, visit metrotunnel.vic.gov.au/creativeprogram

101 Victorians is presented by Metro Tunnel Creative Program in association with PHOTO 2022 and Jenny Lewis. 


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