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The 6 simple ways to boost your body’s metabolism

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There is at least one lucky friend we all have in our gang who is able to eat whatever and whenever he or she wants without putting on weight. Conversely, we track our meal calories and strive to benefit from regular exercise. Despite this, we don’t notice any difference in our weight. However, our metabolism is a factor we should concentrate on.

Metabolism is a chemical process because of which any creature (living) in the world upkeeps its life merely by turning its food and drink intake into energy. While we sleep, our bodies function, which requires energy. And the basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the minimal amount of energy needed by our body to function.

However, the basal metabolic rate differs from creature to creature. Body composition, age, gender and heredity are the factors that influence the metabolic rate.

Simple ways to speed up metabolism

Hence, continue reading for the six simple ways to speed up your metabolism.

1. Avoid Skipping BREAKFAST

The first meal of your day is paramount. It gives your metabolism a kick-start and assists it to keep running the rest of the day, provided you eat after every three hours a day. One point to remember is – you will omit several hours of calorie-burning if you wake up late and eat late. Additionally, concentrate on the items you eat rather than obsess over the size of your food. However, low sugar and high-protein breakfast always expedite your system.

2. HYDRATION is a Key

Although this is a no-brainer, this skips from our minds every single day. It is needed for all chemical processes in our body, including metabolism, to work properly. It may also help you in weight loss. All in all, water is a crucial part of a healthy diet as it helps get rid of toxins from your body, boosting your metabolism rate.

3. Eat lots of PROTEIN

Protein plays a major role in revving up your metabolic system. Protein has a higher thermic effect than others. This implies it provides more energy to your body for absorbing and digesting nutrients, which is also great for fat loss. Additionally, a high protein intake allows your body to utilise more energy to achieve all significant physiological activities, which in natural, boosts your calorie expenditure. Lean meats, dairy products and beans, among others, are a few protein-rich foods.


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As we age, our bodies suffer from muscle mass loss naturally. And resistance training is an excellent method to build your muscles. Simultaneously, it is an effective way to boost your metabolism. It helps you burn more and more calories your whole day if you have a higher metabolism. A personal trainer can do many things for you, including providing tips for building muscles.

5. Reduce STRESS

In the present times, stress levels have become our companions, though we don’t like them. However, if you want to speed up your metabolism, then – without second thoughts – you need to handle your stress levels. It additionally manages your stress-burning capacity. So, make a goal of not getting affected by the stress in your life (in moderation is OKAY!) and disrupt your regular activities like eating, gyming and working. If the stress strikes, immediately find ways to de-stress.

6. Get enough SLEEP

Our body needs sleep to function well and stay healthy. People who go to bed late and sleep less than the recommended 6-7 hours are more stressed and have more visceral fat, which refers to the fat that surrounds the internal organs, according to previous studies. Because sleep deprivation disrupts the body’s circadian cycle, your metabolism may slow as your body seeks to conserve its resources. So, if you want to speed up your metabolism, you can’t ignore a good night’s sleep.

Final words

With weak metabolism, the energy you consume from food may not be burned off during the day. Hence, you need to increase it by adopting healthy dietary and lifestyle habits as mentioned above. However, before bringing changes in your diet or workout regime, it’s recommended to see your doctor or nutritionist.

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