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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Learnings from the past 521 Saturdays

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The year 2020 is near, a new year and a new decade. I remember as if it was yesterday that I was getting ready to usher in 2010.

In the few days we have left of 2019, I want you to briefly reflect on how the last decade has been for you. Look back on your experiences, the trials, and triumphs that you went through. What lessons did they give you? What could you have done differently if you were given a chance to do it all again? 

The sad news is that you will not get an opportunity to correct past mistakes or press reset to start over again. I suggest that you need to look at the possibilities that these fresh 521 Saturdays will bring you.

You have things that you have put off that you wanted to accomplish, places that you wanted to visit, things to experience. If you continue on with the same pattern as you did 521 Saturdays ago, then you might end up having the same thing again. 

The time to act is now. Our time here on this planet is temporary and we need to make the most of what is available for us. You may be experiencing hardship, a setback or lacking something. I just want to remind you that it will not rain forever; it may rain for a long time and the floodwaters can rise up to your neck but soon enough, the flood will subside and the rainbow will appear.

This is one of the main lessons I learned from the past 521 Saturdays. The other lesson I would like to share is: don’t drive your car by looking at the rearview mirror (unless you are reversing into a parking spot). Your direction in the highway of life is forward.

At times there are bumps, twists, turns, dead ends and traffic jams. If you are navigating your way through life and your focus is on what is behind you, you will miss the wonderful things in front of you and you will find yourself stuck in the ditch, in pain and wondering what happened.

So remember, use the time you have now. It is precious so use it wisely. The rainbow always appears after the rain. Look straight and keep your eyes on the road. Look at the rearview mirror once in a while but don’t use it as your guide as it is not the direction you are heading. 

I would like to personally wish you and your family a safe and wonderful Christmas and a marvellous 2020.

Until next time, STAY FOCUSED!

Featured mage by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

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