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Digital Life

Filipino-Australians join 3D cartoon trend

Filipino-Australians are joining the social media’s recent craze: posting 3D cartoon versions of themselves. Filipinos back home are likewise going gaga on the latest...

Why a digital marketing strategy is essential in 2021

Digital marketing tends to be more vital nowadays. You must improve your strategy if you want to get positive results. Some people may be...

COVID restrictions helped increase digital communication use for older Australians

Australia’s COVID-19 restrictions have led to more older Australians using digital communications, including social media apps, than ever before. Research from the Australian Communications and...

Did Facebook overstep the bounds of its market power?

Today is the second day since Facebook has followed through on its threat to ban news on its Australian platform and this includes the...

Digital ’20 – the new normal for students and teachers

By Charisse Garcia, Primary School Teacher at a mainstream school in Victoria With Debussy’s Claire de Lune as my background music, I handed the grey...

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