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Love conquers all

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Lorna Ramirez
Lorna Ramirez
LORNA RAMIREZ was born, raised and educated in Manila in the Philippines, attaining a degree in Chemical Engineering and working as a laboratory manager in a textiles company. In 1977, with her husband and her son and daughter she migrated to Australia. She worked as a laboratory technician and a chemist in Australia, only retiring in the year 2000 to care for her first grandchild. Lorna Ramirez has travelled extensively, gaining much from her interactions with people all over the world and building a strong foundation for her philosophies about life. She loves gardening, cooking, and reading and playing the piano. She is also interested in the Stock Exchange. Throughout her life, Lorna Ramirez, a woman of faith, has been a wise observer of human behaviour and has collected her many pearls of wisdom and observations to produce this inspiring and uplifting book.

By Lorna Ramirez

Just like the air we breathe, that sustains our lives yet we cannot see it, love is something too intense to feel with our hearts and souls, but invisible to the human eye. Love is the complete acceptance of someone who you care for and love, not who you want them to be. Love has no limits and it makes every moment of your life truly special. It is more potent than any lethal poison or venom known to man.

Love can divide a nation and destroy families or friendships simply because it has no boundaries or rules to follow. Indeed, it is quite difficult to define love as it is too complicated to fathom. It comes in many forms; the love of parents to their children, the divine love between people and God, the patriotic love of a soldier fighting for their country just to name a few.

One cannot buy love, nor make someone love you, it cannot be traded or prevented. You can buy companionship, yet without love it is meaningless. Feeling in love is a surreal experience, you wont know when it will strike and at times it will catch you unprepared, akin to the saying “like a thief in the night”.

Love is freely given and should not be taken for granted by the recipient. Instead it should be nurtured so that it will flourish and become stronger through the years. Hence, it is the responsibility of both sided to be honest and trustworthy so the relationship may be as solid as a rock.

There is no such thing as a perfect marriage or relationship, but because of love for one another people are able to resolve issues, difficulties, or predicaments that can be detrimental to a relationship.

Love is unconditional, forgiving, selfless, caring, inspiring, and at time harmful and heartbreaking. I believe that it is the highest form of human emotions. Almost all of us will choose love. A person without love and compassion within their hearts will never find the holy grail of happiness, contentment, and magical moments in life that for me is not worth living without.

Happy Valentines day to all.

An excerpt from my book, “My Passion My Calling”:

Excuses will be made
Reasons will be given
To show you care
And love someone
You do not need excuses
It should be manifested
In every way

In love we rediscover our innerselves
And the real meaning of happiness and joy
Love teaches us to be humble, forgiving, and
To be sensible and compassionate

You can read more about my inspirational messages form my two books; books; My Innermost Thoughts and My Passion My Calling. Available at Amazon and Booktopia both digital and physical. It can also be downloaded on Ebay, Barnes and Noble. For a signed copy, please email me at trvibat@iprimus.com.au .

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