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Michael Henry Ll. Yusingco

PBBM, the statesman

My family witnessed firsthand the brutality of the Marcos dictatorship. An uncle of mine was imprisoned. A cousin remains missing but is most likely...

Remembering The Indolence of the Filipino

The Philippines celebrates the 125th anniversary of its independence this year. Often the solemnity of such an historic occasion gets overwhelmed by the pomp...

The Imperial President and Cha-Cha

Charter Change or Cha-Cha debates are in the news again. Those in favor of this initiative are now being represented by two former actors,...

Do not english, english me!

There is an ongoing spirited debate about our national language. More specifically, about whether it should be utilized more prominently by government instead of...

Iba naman sa 2022!

In 2011, the academic Björn Dressel wrote an article entitled, ‘The Philippines: how much real democracy?’. Such a noteworthy query because the Philippines played...


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