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Alba Iulia
Friday, June 18, 2021

Positivity is also contagious

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An extraordinary time we are living in, the world has been on a tailspin and the status quo has been shaken and we are all in a state of uncertainty. According to many media sources the worse is yet to come, I remember a few months ago we were all hand in hand reaching deep into our pockets and giving freely to the victims ravaged by the bushfires. 

I saw people sending positive vibes and donating their time and money to help a stranger. At the time of writing this article, I have witnessed grown men come close to a bare-knuckle fight in a grocery store because one man had more than three cartons of milk in his basket. 

I have witnessed elderly people walk out empty handed scratching their head trying to figure out where they can get some basic grocery items. It was also obvious that a few retailers have marked up their prices as high as 300% for basic necessities and taking advantage of the situation. 

In this time of crisis, we need to extend a hand and offer assistance to those who need it. This is our chance to work together to flatten the curve and stomp this COVID-19 virus from further spreading and affecting the whole planet. 

Let me give you a scenario and please entertain my logic for the next two minutes. 

What if, a UFO lands on our planet and starts taking our toilet paper? Causing a ruckus and hoarding our other basic necessities? Is this a major disaster? Every heads of state will make an impassionate speech similar to Bill Pullman’s character in the movie “Independence Day” and we will all work together for the greater good of humanity. 

We will share our resources and knowledge with others and come up with a prompt and well thought out plan and implement the strategy with a precision of a Swiss clock. 

But the enemy we are talking about here cannot be seen by a naked eye, it is microscopic; its symptoms show a few days later. 

What I am describing here is practically the same thing, except we cannot physically see COVID-19 until the victim has shown the symptoms. We humans need to connect (at an acceptable social distance) and work together in trying to beat this common enemy. How do we do that? We can’t exactly execute a plan because our own leaders are still in reaction mode, and they do not have the clarity to execute a plan of action effectively. 

This crisis is a once in a century occurrence unlike the bushfires that we are prepared for and expect annually.

We need to be flexible, mindful of others, eliminate greed and the mentality of lack. We need to use common sense by self-isolating when advised, practice general hygiene by hand washing. 

Purchase only what you need and use this time by being nicer to others around you; there is so much negativity around it is not going to make things better for everyone. Remember, positivity is also contagious according to a random post I saw on social media.

Stay safe and healthy.

Until next time, STAY FOCUSED!

Featured image by jbarsky0 from Pixabay 

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