Revillame, Pacman speak out on issue that Villar’s celebrity endorsers are womanisers


Willie Revillame and Manny Pacquiao broke their silence on the issue about their being womanisers. This relates to what some people are saying that Willie, Pacman, and comedian Dolphy who endorse Nacionalista Party presidential bet Manny Villar, are philanderers.

“What is the meaning of immorality?” asked Willie. “I do not have a wife, I’m young, I’m annulled (marriage). If I’m dating a woman, it only means that I’m looking for a someone to share my life with.”

“It’s not about life,” explains Pacman. “This is about one’s ability to serve, to help people, right? It’s not just about the life of each other, but the entire future of our nation. The question is whether the candidate that we are endorsing has the ability or not? Or are they just making an issue up to reduce the credibility?”

Revillame even defended Pacman by mentioning the numerous honours given by the country’s Pound for Pound King of boxing.

“If you notice, Manny made history by achieving a world record seven belt [championship belts in different weight divisions],” said Willie. Manny should be admired for what he did for our country. He may have made a  mistake or was the subject of some negative rumours, is that enogh to forget what he did for our country?

Revillame lamented the fact that he and Pacquiao are not instead being given credit for being the top taxpayers of the country.

“I’m the number one taxpayer for two years in Quezon City. Manny [Pacquiao], paid tax of more than 100 million that is a big help for our country. Think welcome that, in I? Don’t you all realise that,” said Revillame.

“Only God can judge us. We are all human. It’s hard to judge your fellow man. Look at yourself in front of the mirror, you too are not perfect.”

He said, “You know, we can not prevent the crab mentality. We just understand them because we are more intelligent than them because we understand them. ”

Former House Speaker and Senate President Manny Villar also defended Revillame and Pacquiao when asked what effect the issue on his endorsers would have on his candidacy.


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