Feature film Survive or Die with Philippine-born Australian actor Felino Dolloso in one of the lead roles, is having a dream run in the international film festival circuit.

Action on Film Festival review says, “Difficult to watch, harder to come to grips with than a grizzly bear, this movie chills you to the bone. After that, you begin to understand just how important immigration is to the lives of millions of people around the world.”

Felino Dolloso was first approached by directors Mike Kang and Daniel Okoduwa to play one of the lead roles after Okoduwa watched Dolloso in one of Kang’s films.

“I first watched Felino Dolloso in a short film that was directed by Mike Kang. His powerful style and character interpretation got stuck in my head. When the first lines of Survive or Die were being scripted, his image took over the face of the main act. His professional and mesmerising performance in Survive or Die will be a testament to my conviction that he is truly one of the best in Australia,” remarked Okoduwa.

Filming Survive or Die was both physically and emotionally challenging for Dolloso and the actors and crew. Done in different terrains, the desert, rugged bushland, the ocean, sometimes in near 40-degree heat as it was filmed on location in the summer months in Australia, it was a gruelling and wonderful experience for all involved.

But all that sweat, pain and hard work are now paying off with several selections and film awards now recognising the picture.

It has also received awards such as Best Feature Film from Universe Multicultural Film Festival 2019 in Los Angeles California USA; Winner, Award of Recognition in Accolade Global Film Competition in California, USA; and third place in the Suspense Thriller Category, Indie Gathering Film Festival in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Survive or Die is a feature film with a diverse cast in leading and major roles. Cast includes Dolloso, Hawa Barnes, Sarina Sainju, Rico Banderas and Emmanuella Samuel. It is written and directed by Mike Kang and Daniel Okoduwa, with cinematography by Nicholas Okoduwa.


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