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Travel Stories

In picture: Stranded in the Philippines, ‘detained’ in Australia

Before the flight: Arrival in Melbourne: It was really stressful as it turned out that there are thousands of passengers stranded in the Philippines! It's like being...

Coming home to Australia in the time of COVID-19

By Marie Vasquez On Sunday morning of April 19, I just finished dropping off my mum’s medications at a hotel in Melbourne where her 14-day...

Enjoy a hassle and stress-free travel

A recent hullaballoo that transpired at Cebu Pacific saw droves of stranded passengers, some of whom chose to stay at the terminal for days,...

Celebrating the ties that bind

By Imelda Argel My unplanned 10-day visit to Manila in mid-February was a rewarding experience. This was my first chance to see my first cousin Fidelis...

My life after retirement

By Imelda Argel  Our year of bonding with relatives and friends started with a foursome dinner on New Year's Day 2016 hosted by my sister,...

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