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4 most interesting Australia travel tips you can’t miss

Are you trying to figure out what to do when you visit Australia? Read this article to learn interesting Australia travel tips. Australia is one...

5 places Filipino-Australians should visit

If you are thinking of traveling soon, there are special places that might appeal to you, especially if you are a Filipino-Australian. Colourful and...

7 things you didn’t know you can do for free in Sydney

By Aiza Mabayag The Land Down Under offers a lot of places – all exciting and impressive – where tourists can truly enjoy. Apart from...

Boracay’s ‘Kastilyong Buhangin’

A local artist starts carving out a sand castle which over the years has become an added attraction in the world-famous Boracay. Some enterprising...

Baguio’s iconic lion head

With just 10 days before the month of March, summer they say is on the horizon. Though Baguio City's temperature dipped to a record...

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