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Most of people we asked about the issues on the Philippine Fiesta did not want to give a comment due to possible conflict their statement might create or breaking groups/friendships. Some are avoiding the issue and would not publicly comment although they have their own personal opinions.

Call for a fresh election

[quote style=”1″]They should call for a fresh election and not sell Laverton without a referendum from the members on a vote. The referendum should be extensively advertised.[/quote]

— Name withheld upon request

Unite not divide

[quote style=”1″]I would have wanted to see Maina Walkley being a former Consul unite the Filipino community not divide.[/quote]

— Terry Apines

Pass on the torch to younger Pinoys

[quote style=”1″]Honestly I don’t follow the Fiesta saga anymore (maybe that in itself is a fault).To be honest, I keep my Filipino involvement small and tight as well…only with people I trust. So many intrigues, inggitan, anomalya dala natin sa psyche natin even in another country.

How can the younger generations of Filipino born here be proud of our culture? There’s even no mentorship happening for younger generation. The present leaders should think about passing on the torch to younger Pinoys and not hold on to positions of power for long.[/quote]

— Name withheld upon request

Friendships broken

[quote style=”1″]The last thing we want to happen is to publicise the suggestions, or communicate this to them, as this will create so much discussions and negativity, that the plan will fail.

I know that The Philippine Times has been dragged into this as being “biased”. It’s hard as you are only reporting the facts to what have been presented. I guess people are looking for scapegoats as these issues are getting so protracted, that they are only looking for anyone to “blame”, rather than working towards a tangible solution.

These continuing issues have really damaged the good reputation of the Filipinos here in Victoria and have also divided the community.
I witnessed the first Fiesta in 1982 and was actively involved, and was very proud to be a Filipino. Again, I was there for the 10th Year and 20th Year celebrations.

However, last year, the 30th year celebration, for the first time I wasn’t proud to be a Filipino and the community is so divided. There was no atmosphere of a grand celebration that should have united all Filipinos.

There’s not a lot of community groups in Victoria that can boast and celebrate 30 years, and this should have been a milestone that all Filipinos should have been proud of.

The issues and debates that have gone within the Fiesta Committee have seen good friendships broken, and I’m so disheartened to see solid friendships broken as I have seen these people throughout my journey as good friends.

I continue to be good friends with them irrespective of their position regarding these Issues.

These issues can never be resolved as the people concerned are adamant that what they are doing is right and just. Therefore, there can never be a resolution.

However, there is a way:

  1. A higher authority must intervene, together with a mediator from Consumer Affairs Victoria. They must talk to each warring group that they agree to meet.
  2. Each concerned group can only have three representatives to a mediation meeting, facilitated by this higher authority and CAV.
  3. Each concerned group gives its top three issues only, in order of importance
  4. All groups agree to work through the top three issues from each group, and develop an action plan.
  5. If the action plans require further external intervention, such as an Auditor, etc then the facilitators will appoint them and follow up on the action plans and outcomes.
  6. Each group must be prepared to concede and accept the findings and resolution from the facilitators and be prepared to move forward.

From my experience, once the top three issues are resolved amicably, the other issues become less important and resolve itself. This is a simple plan, and by keeping it simple, it will alleviate any complexities.[/quote]

— Name withheld upon request

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Parramatta Council opens its city to Fil-Aussies anew

The Parramatta Council recently held a culturally, linguistically and diverse media outlets meeting with the Lord Mayor Bob Dwyer...

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