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4 most interesting Australia travel tips you can’t miss

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Are you trying to figure out what to do when you visit Australia? Read this article to learn interesting Australia travel tips.

Australia is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world. Between its 10,000 beaches, rainforests, wildlife, and stunning sunrises, what’s not to like? 

If you’re jet setting down under soon or starting to plan a trip, you need to know where to go. Australia is a huge country so you don’t want to waste precious travel time.  

Keep reading to find our Australia travel tips. 

1. Dive the Great Barrier Reef

If a trip to Queensland is on your bucket list, the Great Barrier Reef is a must-see. The reef is the world’s largest reef system and can even be seen from space

Divers will be in awe as they take some of the 1,500 different species of fish in the reef. 

Over 30 different species of whales, dolphins, and porpoises call it home. Six types of sea turtles use the reef as their breeding grounds. Over 210 species of birds visit nearby islands to roost or nest. 

If seeing wildlife is part of your reason for visiting Australia, there’s no better place than the reef. 

2. Visit Sydney’s tourist hotspots

Sydney is one of the hottest destinations in Australia with over 42 million visitors last year. With so many tourist hotspots, it’s not hard to see why Sydney is so popular. 

Visit the SEA Life Sydney Aquarium for a safe way to view native sea life. The Sydney Tower Eye provides visitors with a gorgeous panoramic view of the city. 

Check out the Attraction Combo Pass to score sweet savings on Sydney hotspots. 

3. See the native animals 

Australia is home to over 7,400 native vertebrae animals. No visit Down Under would be complete without seeing kangaroos, koalas, and wallabies first.

You can see these creatures in the wild, but you’ll have to leave the city behind to find them. 

Kangaroo Island is around an hour from Adelaide and is rife with wildlife. Expect to see seals, koalas, and its namesake on your visit there. 

Be sure to check out Atherton Tablelands region for platypus and wallaby sightings. You might even catch glimpses of tree kangaroos and sugar gliders, too. 

While you have to leave the city to see typical Australian wildlife, you’re likely to encounter bats, birds, snakes, and bugs anywhere. 

One of the most important things to know about Australia is how to be safe around wildlife.

There are plenty of venomous snakes and spiders to keep an eye out for. Shake out your shoes if they were left sitting out overnight. 

Swimmers and divers may want to look for box jellyfish and crocodiles. Watch for signs on beaches warning you of the presence of these creatures. 

4. It’s bigger than you think

Don’t let the fact that Australia is an island fool you. It’s almost as big as the US.

You cannot travel across the country in a day or two. Give yourself plenty of time to see all you want to see. 

Australia travel tips in action

Your trip is going to be a blast with our Australia travel tips in hand. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen and your bathing suit.

Check out our Travel section for more tips and tricks to get the most of your vacations.

Enjoy your time down under! 

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