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How to save up on your summer trips

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In this unpredictable time, being a student is pretty hard. Most of your studying is remote, and you lack human interaction and experiences. Traveling is also limited, and planning trips is a quite complicated task, especially on a tight budget and when prices are getting higher. Yet, we encourage you not to delay any traveling opportunities as bright memories and emotions are worth all your efforts.

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So if you decide to start some incredible journey to remember and at the same time you need to save up on your trips, we suggest considering these tips below.

Travel to any location

If you feel like traveling but don’t even have an exact destination in mind, just travel to any country where the tickets are the cheapest. Use aggregator sites like Skyscanner or Google Flights to find the most affordable options.

Check COVID-19 requirements

Before going abroad, check travel guidelines and restrictions countries might have for visitors. You could base your decisions where to travel to on the requirement to be vaccinated, on the vaccine type, the need to be quarantined, have negative tests, etc. The situation is changing all the time, so remember to keep up with the updates.

Book your tickets in advance

It’s also pretty hard to book tickets in advance when the world is unstable, but give it a shot. Even by booking tickets 2-3 weeks beforehand, you can save up a lot. The same applies to apartment/room booking.

Last-minute trips

Yep, we know, it sounds quite contradictory. Last-minute trips could be beneficial too. At the last minute, flight tickets or hotels can be on discount so that you can catch a good deal.  

Avoid traveling on weekends

Weekends are the most convenient time for most people to travel in. And due to that fact prices for tickets and apartments can go higher. Traveling during business days is way cheaper, so do not miss this opportunity to save up.  

Choose accommodation with a kitchen

Be sure to stay in a hotel or a hostel with a kitchen and a fridge so that you’ll be able to cook some meals and keep snacks for several days ahead. Thus, you will eat out less and save your money significantly.

Contact travel agency

Surely, planning your trip is fun and generally cheaper as it is you who decide when and where to spend your money. But if you want to see several countries at once, it is way cheaper to use the help of travel agencies. They could provide you with many benefits like free breakfasts, museum entry fees discounts, resort credits, etc. If you, for example, decided to travel across Europe by plane or train, that would be way more expensive compared to a Euro trip organized by a travel agency.

Do not pack lots of stuff

Take only basic things on your trips. To take big luggage to your flight costs some money which you could save up by taking carry-on and spend that money on some delicious local food or a gallery ticket. Moreover, packing light will let you travel with more comfort as you won’t need to bring heavy bags with you all the time.


In summer if you want to go to the sea or mountains, the cheapest way to experience them would be by camping. Thus, you will save up on accommodation and immerse yourself in nature. If going that “wild” is not your cup of tea, you may try spending some days in a tent while other days you could stay in a hotel/hostel with all the facilities.

Plan your budget

It seems obvious, but it is really important to plan your spending. We are in a slightly different state of mind on vacations, so we tend to overspend. Decide before your trip how much money you are ready to spend on food, cafes, museums, etc. You can also book entrance tickets at a discount on the official websites in advance.

Be creative with your trips

Seas, mountains, national parks are typical destinations for summer. Therefore, many people will be there, and it will be expensive. Try going somewhere which is not that popular during this season. Instead of going to the beaches, consider going to the mountains. If the sea resorts are your top priority, be sure to book everything in advance. Otherwise, you will spend a lot.

Travel to less big cities

Traveling to Paris in any season would cost you a lot. So, maybe, if you want to see France, consider visiting a city nearby or some little town with an interesting history. You might go to Rouen or Lyon to experience more “real” France.

Cruise trips and all-inclusive resorts

Cruises are also a good option for seeing several destinations and having most of the expenses like food, lodging, and beverages included in the price. If you don’t feel like changing places during your vacation, choose an all-inclusive resort and chill on the beach by the sea. Contact a good travel agency which will find you attractive options money-wise.


Going somewhere far during this COVID-19 time could be challenging, so, understandably, not everyone wishes to risk and spend savings on flight tickets abroad. If your budget is really limited, but the desire to travel is huge, try visiting nearby towns or cities. Explore the country you live in, and you will still have the needed dose of refreshment and inspiration. We also recommend trying staycation – staying in your town or city. Find a good local hotel/resort where you can have a break from your studying and fully recharge.


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