Nora Aunor’s vocal cords damaged in surgery


Superstar Nora Aunor, or Ate Guy to her hordes of Pinoy fans, may have just wanted a fresher look for her supposed local showbiz comeback, but it is now learned that the star has gotten more than she bargained for.

In a report on “TV Patrol World” on May 25, it was stated that Aunor’s vocal cords have been damaged after a recent “sur gical procedure.” In fact, during last Saturday’s concert in Toronto, Canada—one that was purportedly originally scheduled in March this year— the Superstar had to make do with lip-synching her songs.

Aunor reportedly was advised by her doctor not to sing nor speak, but Ate Guy managed to do her spiels, which the report said hinted of something going wrong with a surgical procedure. Sources say Aunor’s camp is also preparing to file a lawsuit. However, they have yet to release an official statement regarding the matter. But in the same report, it was said that Aunor’s concert in Canada would be her last.

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