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Secret NBA Getaways Revealed: 5 Exclusive Destinations Where Players Unwind and Celebrate After the Playoffs!

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Ever wondered where your top stars from the NBA teams visit to relax after the playoffs every year? Do you want to know the answers to what do NBA players do after games? We’ve got you covered.

B-ball stars typically have to sweat it out fighting for their teams, careers, and fans season-in, season-out. However, during the break, these athletes want to retire to exclusive destinations globally for their psychological, emotional, physical, and mental recovery.

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So, here are some of the top places stars in the NBA traveling outside North America can visit when the playoff games are over.

1. The Philippines

The Philippines comprises three main island groups scattered around the country, brimming with beautiful beaches and spectacular aquatic wildlife. Meanwhile, the country hosts some UNESCO World Heritage sites, historical monuments, teeming mountains, and other notable landmarks.

Athletes can temporarily ditch their love for the round ball and venture into the depths of the ocean to sing underwater melodies while surrounded by colorful coral reefs. In some of the best beaches in the Philippines, they can play their favorite water sports during the day and drink tropical cocktails by the beach at sunset.

Then they can gather around a bonfire, instruments in hand, and create the most memorable beachside jam sessions. But it’s not all about adventure; these athletes can also savor the local cuisine, feasting on delicious seafood and traditional dishes before retiring to their luxurious beachfront villas to sleep and rejuvenate. 

And, of course, after a day full of thrilling activities, they can gather with friends and their girls, sharing stories and talking about their fun experiences in this tropical paradise.


2. Hawaii

Hawaii is another top destination for NBA athletes to visit on a family trip with kids during the offseason break. Besides visiting cities like New York, Milan, and Paris for their family Fashion Weeks, Russell Westbrook loves taking his family on a relaxation vacation to the breathtaking island of Hawaii.

The basketball player once flaunted several pictures of his family spending the vacation in this country, attesting to his love for this country. But Westbrook isn’t the only player who’s been to Hawaii for his offseason relaxation vacation. Other players like Stephen Curry and Patty Mills have also found this destination worthwhile enough for their tourist vacations.

Patty Mills, for instance, proposed to his girlfriend of five years in this country and shared the picture on his social media accounts. That, of course, is a green light for other athletes to follow.

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3. Iceland

Thanks to its breathtaking landscape, hot springs, lava fields, and volcanoes, Iceland has become a must-see for several NBA players. Instead of soaking up the sun on beaches in Florida or Cancun NBA, Memphis Grizzlies’ Chandler Parsons resorted to Iceland when he needed a break from the court, twisting the popular narrative.

And, of course, Parsons or any other NBA player visiting Iceland would enjoy their visit here as they walk among the nation’s scenic waterfalls, eat local cuisine, or visit the renowned Blue Lagoon (a geothermal spa located in a lava field).


4. Byron Bay, Australia

Australia as a country is filled with various brilliant attractions for NBA stars to spend their vacation with their family. A lot of people like to travel here. However, one exclusive attraction these athletes can explore in the country is Bryon Bay, a coastal town in southeastern Australia.

San Antonio Spurs’ Patty Mills enjoys touring different top destinations globally, including Bryon Bay. The location is renowned for its stunning beaches, scuba diving, and surfing opportunities. Mills once posted an Instagram picture of himself diving into the waters while exploring the bay’s natural treasures.

Byron Bay, Australia

5. Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece, is definitely on many people’s bucket lists of places to see during a world tour. Its magnificent and enthralling island, food, beaches, and nightlife have made this city a top destination for various tourists. And Golden State Warrior champ Draymond Green is just one of the ‘many’ in this category.

Coming off from a championship season, Green posted numerous videos on Snapchat, apparently having a swell time with other guys on the island. As the videos circulated online, fans couldn’t help but envy the fun-filled moments captured in those snaps. From sunrise to sunset, Green and his friends immersed themselves in the vibrant energy of the island, making unforgettable memories along the way.

But it wasn’t just about the dancing and revelry. Green also made sure to maintain his physical fitness during his offseason adventure. The island provided the perfect backdrop for engaging in various outdoor activities that kept his body active and his mind rejuvenated.

During the day, Green would hit the pristine, white sand beaches for intense beach volleyball matches with his buddies, showcasing his athleticism and competitive spirit. The crystal-clear waters proved irresistible, inviting him to take a dip and show off his expert swimming skills.

The island is an amazing spot for athletes to dance and party with their favorite music: exactly how Green spent his offseason.


Of course, this list extends beyond current NBA stars like Kevin Durant of the Phoenix Suns, and Giannis Antetokounmpo, as well as retired players. Without a doubt, the greatest NBA players like Michael Jordan and LeBron James don’t only know how to act on the basketball court but also off the court, including taking a worthwhile relaxation.

Any of the five destinations above, The Philippines, Hawaii, Iceland, Bryon Bay (Australia), and Mykonos (Greece), are great for NBA players to spend their offseason after the playoffs. Of course, you can also enjoy your holidays with family and friends during the offseason or any other time of the year at these destinations and beyond.

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