Triskelion Grand Fraternity celebrates 50th anniversary

Triskelion celebrates 50th anniversary

The Triskelion Melbourne Council of Victoria, Inc. (TMCVI) is inviting everyone to a dinner-dance on 19 October 2018, 4.00pm to 11.00 pm, at Bayview on the Park, 52 Queens Road, Melbourne. The gathering will celebrate the Triskelion Grand Fraternity’s 50th Founding Anniversary and TMCVI’s induction of a new set of officers.

On the 4th of October 2018, the Triskelion Grand Fraternity (TAU GAMMA PHI) celebrated its golden founding anniversary. It was 50 years ago when six sophomore students of the University of the Philippines (UP) were bonded together by their common interest in political history and philosophy and the intense desire to make a mark in this vast academic community of state scholars.

These scholars would spend hours debating endlessly over the theories of Machiavelli, Aristotle, Calvin, Aquinas or some other philosopher. It was this strong bond of friendship that culminated in building a new brotherhood founded on the ideals of democratic practice, liberal thinking, distinct but not elitist in its perspective, rich in diversity, and, most of all open and tolerant in its views.

Its Tenents and Code of Conducts was and is still now a superbly written doctrine that defines with utter simplicity and yet profound deep meaning value. A true representation of brotherhood. School chapters soon were established outside the mother chapter in UP. The fraternity would also take root in communities giving the less privileged youths a chance to experience the spirit of being a member of a fraternity. This led to the swelling of the numbers and at present, it would not be an exaggeration to say that for every major country around the globe, there is a Triskelion.

Today in Australia with its six states and two territories, the Triskelion can be found organized in each state or territory councils. Each respective council boast of memberships comprised of Triskelion coming from different chapters all over the Philippines. The Triskelions in Victoria carries the official name Triskelion Melbourne Council of Victoria Inc. which was officially formed in June 2008.

TMCVI has always been an active member of the Filipino community helping promote the Filipino culture here in Victoria. Aside from its various involvements and partnership with different Filipino organisation and events, TMCVI is also involved in assisting various city councils with their campaigns on protecting the environment through tree planting and cleanup drives.

In continuing its nationalistic tradition of being relevant and helping uplift the flights of the less fortunate countrymen back home, TMCVI holds its annual fundraising event to be able to organise charitable activities which benefit the poor sector of the Philippine society. Beneficiaries in the past include schoolchildren from far-flung areas in the different provinces and disaster victims of different natural calamities that have befallen the country.

The fraternity has come a long way indeed but its members will not falter and continue to be responsible participants in efforts to improve the lives of others.

We are looking forward to a new era of Triskelion brotherhood for the next fifty years.


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