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Friday , 17 May 2024
Film by Alvin Yapan Highlights Endangered Indigenous Languages Canberra – The ANU Philippines Institute is set to host a special screening of "Hulagway" (Images), a documentary drama by acclaimed Filipino...

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Defining the modern Pinay mum

Having been away from the Philippines since 2008 to pursue what I thought at that time was the “greatest adventure of my life” in New Zealand and extending that...

Hit-and-Run Car Accident: Steps to Take as a Victim

One of the most frightening driving accidents is being involved in a hit-and-run accident. You may feel nervous and not know what to do...

The Sweet Story of Nanay Auring and Her Suman sa Ibus

At the 2024 Ube Festival in Melbourne early this year, 95-year-old Aurelia Cerdana, popularly known as Nanay Auring, became one of the stars of...

How Blind Spots Contribute to Truck Accidents

Most severe truck accidents happen because of blind spots. The sheer size and weight of trucks create huge blind spots on the front, back,...



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Victorian Government Launches Cyber Safety Campaign on World Password Day

The Victorian Government has announced a new cyber safety campaign on World Password Day to improve online safety for its citizens. The initiative aims...

Surgery Waitlist Drops to Four-Year Low in Victoria

In a positive development for Victoria's healthcare system, the waitlist for planned surgeries has decreased to its lowest level since 2019, showing significant progress...

Why Opt for Japanese Takeaway in Mornington for Your Next Night In

When considering your next night in, ponder the allure of Japanese takeaway in Mornington. The enticing flavors, the convenience of a ready-made meal, and...

5 Mistakes Every Jewellery Business Should Stay Away From

Having your own jewellery business is a matter of great pride. You get to decide the products your store will have and how you...

Understanding and Managing Diabetes: A Holistic Approach

Diabetes remains a challenging condition affecting millions worldwide, with impacts that vary significantly among individuals. According to the Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in...

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