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Saturday , 25 May 2024
A delegation from the Philippine construction and engineering sector recently visited Sydney, Australia, to showcase the country's talents and services. The Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) and the Philippine...

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Celebrating Filipino Nursing Diaspora Day and International Nursing Week 2024

May 7 marks the annual Filipino Nursing Diaspora Day, coinciding with International Nursing Week (6-12 May) and International Nursing Day on 12 May. This occasion serves as a poignant...

Unconditional Love: Significance and History of Mother’s Day

Every year, millions celebrate Mother's Day, but few know the rich history of Mother's Day and its evolution into a global celebration. This day,...

Hit-and-Run Car Accident: Steps to Take as a Victim

One of the most frightening driving accidents is being involved in a hit-and-run accident. You may feel nervous and not know what to do...

The Sweet Story of Nanay Auring and Her Suman sa Ibus

At the 2024 Ube Festival in Melbourne early this year, 95-year-old Aurelia Cerdana, popularly known as Nanay Auring, became one of the stars of...



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Australia awards grants to 14 Filipino students

The Australian government has recently chosen 14 new students to become recipients of its newest batch of grants from the Australian Leadership Awards (ALA). In...

2 Filipinos win in Asian photo tilt

Two Filipinos have risen in Asia to win a regional photo contest on climate change. The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organisation (SEAMEO) announced Filipinos...

Sydney press releases statement on Maguindanao violence

The horror of the kidnap and murder of more than 50 Filipinos in the Mindanao province of Maguindanao shook not only the Philippines, but...

Filipinos join Sydney longboarding event

Filipino enthusiasts of a new sport is currently preparing to join the Longboard IGSA World Championships from November 27 to 29. The 1st Philippine Longboarding...

Materials for Australia’s new citizenship test

The government of Australia has recently began the implementation of its new citizenship test. According to a release published in workpermit.com, the Australian government's new...

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