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Monday , 13 May 2024
In the heart of the Philippines, the humble bean brews not only coffee but also stories of resilience, culture, and change. The documentary "Ma'am Tere" is a poignant testament...

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Defining the modern Pinay mum

Having been away from the Philippines since 2008 to pursue what I thought at that time was the “greatest adventure of my life” in New Zealand and extending that...

Hit-and-Run Car Accident: Steps to Take as a Victim

One of the most frightening driving accidents is being involved in a hit-and-run accident. You may feel nervous and not know what to do...

The Sweet Story of Nanay Auring and Her Suman sa Ibus

At the 2024 Ube Festival in Melbourne early this year, 95-year-old Aurelia Cerdana, popularly known as Nanay Auring, became one of the stars of...

How Blind Spots Contribute to Truck Accidents

Most severe truck accidents happen because of blind spots. The sheer size and weight of trucks create huge blind spots on the front, back,...



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Cebu Pacific’s Latest Campaign Offers Bargain-priced Fares to the Philippines

Cebu Pacific, Asia's first low-cost airline and the Philippines' largest airline, recently launched a new marketing campaign aimed at Australian travellers. The campaign features...

Is it better to live in Australia or the UK? 

Australia and the UK are two English-speaking countries with a shared history, head of state, and the same parliamentary system. The main difference, some...

Is this MakesYouFluent language learning program legitimate?

MakesYouFluent, a recent entrant into the crowded market of language learning applications, purports to transform the traditional methods of language acquisition. With its rising...

Money-saving gift ideas for family and friends

Giving gifts can be tricky. Factors such as age, status, occasion and culture must be considered when picking one. A common misconception in gift...

Workshop series for emerging Filipino community leaders

The 125 Organizing Committee has initiated workshops to develop future leaders in the Filipino Community, focusing on improving crucial leadership skills. This initiative follows the...

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